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Keith Churchouse

The decision to leave a spouse is one thing. Understanding and navigating the divorce process thereafter is another entirely. Each divorce is different. The good news is that there is a general path in the overall process which can be charted. This book will show you how.
Sure, you can read a pamphlet or get a free half hour with a divorce solicitor to try to understand what's going to happen to you and in which order. However, without parting with even more money, you may not really see through the fog of the overall divorce process that you may endure for many months to come. Addicted to Wedding Cake aims to signpost the route through the jargon and procedures to the day when your divorce is over. It will explain the nitty gritty and provide samples of some of the court forms you are likely to encounter along the way.
This is a guide of how the English and Welsh divorce system works. It's not a guide on deciding to divorce, because that's your personal decision (or a fact if you are the one being divorced). It is about the journey of divorce and will help you to understand what's going on and that you are not alone. Divorce can be an undignified and hollow experience, however this guide will help you to make the best of the situation and manage your expectations.