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Keith Churchouse and Esther Dadswell

You already knew you were good! You didn't need to start a business to prove it, but you were ready to do that at the time. Now, if you have time to reflect, it's clear that it was the right decision. Yes, it was a bit of an egotistical whirlwind at the outset, and why wouldn't it be? The business has grown, matured and perhaps even become a bit comfortable by now. Inspirational innovation and business disruption are there to be explored and embraced. So, you ask yourself, what's next? The World Economic Forum suggested in January 2016 that this is the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Wow! What an era to embrace. It is time that you refocused, re-engaged and redefined what your business can really achieve with the new technology, methods and distribution channels that are readily and affordably available to you now. Or are you scared of something different? Just like at the start of your enterprise, no one except you is going to push that business through the next few transitional years. You can't stand still because that would mean unwinding all your good work. The same-old, same-old ritual is not going to work anymore. Technology and its distribution opportunities have transformed business in the last decade... and they haven't even scratched the surface! Read this book and take a giant leap forward. Don't let yourself down, don't be disrupted, be the disruptor. Innovation doesn't stand still, and nor should you. You've worked too hard to let it all slip now.