Keith Churchouse

You may not believe it right now, but it is true. The recession is over! Sure, there will be a few more monetary 'wobbles and worries' to slow initial recovery, but nevertheless, recovery is on its way. Our return to prosperity will look different to times gone by, but it will happen, and happen soon. For now is the new business reality, especially for aspiring and mature Small to Medium Enterprises, (SME's). Exciting and possibly uncharted times lie ahead. The only question that remains is Are you and your business really ready? The economic environment is changing and both you and your business should be getting ready right now, innovating and preparing new ideas to take advantage of the opportunities coming your way. Economies change fast and this is nothing new. The reality of recent day to day trading, especially for some SME's, is usually just focussing on maintaining market share, proposition and profitability now. This is not unreasonable, it's been tough for the last few years and you don't need me to remind you of this. This book investigates ideas, new business practices, experiences and the reality of the dynamic recovery proposition that lies just ahead if you apply some thought, strategy, innovation, energy and robust planning. Are you and your business ready?